Hi there! 
My name’s Elizabeth, but no one really calls me that. For occasions that aren’t super formal (or when I’m in trouble with my mum) just call me Liz. Simple and to the point. No fancy spelling, no countless syllables and, best of all, memorable (or at least I’m hoping it is). Because that’s what simple things are right? Memorable. It all comes down to nailing that insight, that big idea, in the most simplest way possible. And that’s what I do. I take those briefs and from them I churn out ideas that are simple, effective and, best of all, memorable.
I have completed my degree in Creative Advertising at RMIT with a passion for the advertising industry. Alongside this I have completed internships at Leo Burnett and M&C Saatchi, and a short freelancing opportunity at Fenton Stephens. And now, I am currently on the lookout for my first full-time gig.
 If you haven’t already you can check out my work here. And if you have? Well, you’ve made it this far so you’ve might as well go all out and say hi at lizjsimpson@live.com
2018 - D and AD New Blood Pencil
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